Friday-Cn Segment+CN Tech EMOM+SL Mod/Hor CP+Core
A. Clean Segment Deadlift+Clean Pull 1.2 reps x4 sets @103% of 1RM clean, rest 2 min
**Remember, 1.2 means 1 segment deadlift and then 1 clean pull from the ground**
  • complete @ 230#
B. Every :30 sec x10 min: 1 power clean @195#
  • complete
C1. Alternating BB Front Rack Reverse Lunges 5 reps/leg x4 sets, rest 90 sec,
  • 135/145/155/155
C2. Physio Ball DB Bench Press @20X1 tempo 8 tough reps x4 sets, rest 90 sec
  • 60/80(7)/70/70
D. Swiss Ball Stir the pots 15 reps/side x3-4 sets, rest as needed
  • complete, 3×12

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