Saturday– Clean Mod Complex+Oly Battery+BS Mod+Upper EMOM
A. Above Knee Hang Power Clean. Split Jerk; 1.1, work to a tough set
  • 215#
B. Back Squat @40X1 1-1-1-1, rest 2 min b/t sets, work to a tough single
  • 255/275/290/300
C. EMOM x10 min:
1st- AMRAP UB ring dips @30X1
  • 12/8/6/6/5 (strict)
2nd- AMRAP UB neutral grip ring pull-ups @40X1
  • 6/5/5/4/4 (strict)
D. For time:
20 Power Snatch 115#
75 Wall Ball 20#
20 Power clean and jerk 115#
  • 9:50 (wow grinder, the wall balls hurt…mostly 10 at at time, cleans and snatch were all singles dropped, just tried to be steady on those)

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