1. A) High Box Step Up w/ slow eccentric – 3 Rounds of 4/leg @41X1 *try for 30” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRJEl3L4Rg0

Rest as needed between sets

  • complete
  1. B) Kip Swing+ Strict T2B+ Kipping C2B Pull-up, 3 Unbroken Rounds of 4+3+2, rest 1min Between sets
  • complete
  1. c) 3 Rounds

AD 60sec Moderate Pace

4 DB Cleans 50lbs/hand

8 DB FR Walking Lunge

4 T2B

2 Bar MU or 4 C2B

AD 60sec Easy Pace

Rest 3min

  • complete
  1. D) 17.2
  • 87 (2 rounds + 9 bmu)
  1. E) 2 Rounds at easy pace

2min Row

1min Rest

2min AD

1min Rest

  • did not have time for this one

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