Tuesday- Sn Int+HPC/FS Int+Upper CP+SS Test

A) Squat Snatch+ Hang Squat Snatch, 1+1 every 90s for 5 rounds, 115lbs ish for all sets *film one or two of these and send them my way

  • complete

B) BB Strict Press, work up to a heavy single for the day, RPE 8.5/10, leave about 10lbs in the tank

  • 150#

C) EMOM x 10min
Min1: 2 Strict Press @ 80% of weight achieved in “B”
Min2: Bent Over DB Row, 8-12 Reps, at moderate weight, add weight each round if possible

  • 120#/40#x12
  • 120#/45#x12
  • 120#/60#x8
  • 120#/60#x8
  • 120#/60#x8

D) AMRAP in 10min
15 Wallballs 20lb/10ft
20 Cal AD
25 Ball Slams @ 30lbs
30 DU

  • complete @ 2 rds + 16 cals AD 

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