Friday- OH Stab/mob, Oly Int, Cyclical MAP 60/60 Hi%

A1) Prone Thoracic Spine Extensions, 4 sets of 5 reps rest 30s

  • complete

A2) Floor Pec Stretch, 4 Sets of 5/arm, Rest 30s

  • complete

B) Squat Snatch

1 rep every 60s for 5 reps, @ 105lbs

  • complete

Rest 3min

1 Rep every 75s for 5 reps, @ 115lbs

  • complete

Rest 3min

1 rep every 90s for 5 reps, @ 125lb

  • complete’

C) 3 Rounds at high effort-90%

60s Row

60s walking recovery

60s Versa Climber

60s Walking recovery

60s Airbike

60s walking recovery

60s burpees

60s walking

  • First round: 310m row, 120′ VC, 27 cal AD, 21 Burpees
  • Second round: 314m row, 130′ VC, 24 cal AD, 20 Burpees
  • Third round: 317m row, 120′ VC, 22 cal AD, 19 Burpees

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