Monday-OH Stab/Mob, Oly Tech, BS Int, Cyclical MAP vari%

A1) Overhead Shoulder Stretch, 3 sets of 5 reps w/ 5sec hold in stretch each rep. Use light plate

Rest 30s

  • complete 

A2) KB Windmills, 3 Sets of 5 reps per side, w/ 3sec hold in bottom each rep, Use moderate KB,

Rest 30s

  • complete

B) BTN Jerk Grip Power Jerk w/Pause, 2 reps every 90s for 6 rounds, start at 145lbs, add 5lbs every set, ause for 2s in catch each rep

  • complete up to 160#

C) 3 Position Clean, Hip/Hang/Ground, 5 Sets of 1+1+1, Start @ 145lbs, add weight by feel, rest 3min, hang on to the bar between reps

  • complete @ 145/155/165/175/185

D) Back Squat @53X1, 3 tough sets of 5 reps, no misses, tempo is more important than weight, rest 3min between sets.

  • complete @ 135/155/155

E) 3rounds at variable pace

Row 750m @ 1:50/500m

Rest 1min

Row 250m – Sprint!

Rest 3min

  • rd 1: 1:50 pace and 48.5 sec sprint
  • rd 2: 1:50 750 pace and 47.7 sec sprint
  • rd 3: 1:50 750 pace and 47.7 sec sprint

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