Tuesday-Gym EMOM, Density EMOM, Core

A) EMOM x 20min

min1: 8-10 T2B

min2: 5 Ring Dips @22X1

min3: 5-7 C2B Pull-ups

min4: 2-3 Wall Walk

  • complete

B) EMOMx 12min

Row 12 Cal + 8 Burpees

*continue for as long as possible then go to 11+7 for as long as possible, then 10+6 etc…

  • completed 8 rounds of 12cals + 8 burpees (first minute just got the last burpee done at the turn of the minute, second minute already didn’t get the 8 burpees in, so decided to just make it an amrap)

C) Seated Pike Up hold, 4 sets of 15s hold/15srest/15s hold 1min rest, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae5QigHjK1Y

  • complete


Monday-OH Stab/Mob, Oly Tech, BS/DL Int, Cyclical MAP vari%

A1) Overhead Shoulder Stretch, 3 sets of 5 reps w/ 5sec hold in stretch each rep. Use light plate, Rest 30s

  • complete

A2) KB Windmills, 3 Sets of 5 reps per side, w/ 3sec hold in bottom each rep, Use moderate KB,rest 30s

  • complete

B) Hang Power Clean + Front Squat+ Jerk, 1+1+1 Every 90s for 10 rounds, start @ 135lbs, add 10lbs every 2nd lift

  • complete up to 175#

C) Double Overhand Sumo DL @20X1, 1 heavy set each @ 7/6/5 reps, rest 3min, Start set of 7 at 225lbs

  • complete @ 225/245/265

D) 1 round

2min Airbike @ above 70RPM
2min Airbike @ above 60RPM
4 min Walking Recovery

  • complete

*E) 10min Max Cals on Airbike

  • complete @ 252 cals



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