Monday-OH Stab/Mob, Oly Tech, BS/DL Int, Cyclical MAP vari%

A1) Wall Facing HS Shrugs, 4 sets of 30s Shrugs, hold each rep for 3s, rest 30s

  • complete

A2) Circular Scap pull-ups, 4 sets of 5 in each direction, arms straight and controlled rotation, rest 1min

  • complete

B) Snatch Balance, 1 challenging set of 3 reps, 2 challenging set of 2 reps, 3 challenging sets of 1 rep, rest 2min between sets *dip&drive is allowed on these

  • 95# x 3
  • 115# x 2/2
  • 135# x 3/1

C) Back Squat @53X1, 3 sets of 4 tough reps, no misses, tempo is more important than weight, rest 3min between sets.

  • complete @ 165#

D) 2 rounds:

Row 500m @ 1:55/500m Pace

Rest 1min

Row 100m- Sprint

Rest 3min

  • complete


Rest as needed


  1. E) For Time: 2000m Row
  • complete @ 7:25

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