Monday-OH Stab/Mob, Oly Tech, BS/DL Int, Cyclical MAP vari%

A1) Stationary Scap Dip & Shrugs, 4 sets of 4 shrugs @3333 tempo, set up boxes or use matado, rest 30s
A2) Ring Scap Rows, 4 sets of 4 @3333, arms straight andfeet parallel with shoulders, rest 30s,
A3) Plank Scap Retraction & Protraction, 4 sets of 4 @3333, rest 30s

  • all complete

B) Snatch Grip PP + OHS@3211, 5 sets of 3 + 1 @ 115-125lbs, rest 3min, 1 s pause OH each PP rep

  • complete @ 115

C) Back Squat @53X1, 4 sets of 3 tough reps, no misses, tempo is more important than weight, creep the weight up if it feels comfortable, rest 3min between sets.

  • 165/185/195/205

D) 3 Rounds

Row 750m @ 1:52/500m Pace

Rest 1min

Row 250m Sprint

Rest 3min

  • all 750m complete at pace
  • 250m sprint complete @ 48.1 / 48.5 / 47.3




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